Shuffling and Its Techniques

Shuffling is a procedure that allows randomizing cards order in a deck. This is needed to ensure the element of chance in gambling games. Shuffling is performed by dealers and has multiple techniques. These methods will help manage time and achieve a truly random order of cards in the deck.

Types of Shuffling Techniques
  • Weave Shuffle this technique means that the ends of the two deck’s parts need to be intertwined. To perform the weave shuffle, split the deck into 2 parts, push them against each other so that they could perfectly interweave.
  • Riffle Shuffle; it is a rather simple way to shuffle cards. You need to hold the two parts of the deck in each hand, putting your thumbs inward. Then release each part by your thumbs, so that the cards could fall on the table interleaved
  • One Hand Shuffle; it is a little bit complex technique that requires regular practice. Put your thumb on one side of the deck, let 3 fingers hold the other side, lift half of the deck using your thumb. Then, give some pressure using your middle fingers and push the rest of the deck out using your thumb when it's on the index finger. Make sure the 2 halves of the deck are parallel.
  • Strip Shuffle; ensure the deck is facing down and put it on the table. Hold the deck with your thumbs from one side and with the other fingers on the other side. Using your right hand pick a few cards from the deck and then change the position of the cards so that they are shuffled.
Shuffling Machines

In old times, croupiers used to be responsible for shuffling cards at the gambling establishments. Nowadays, casinos usually use shuffling machines which are automatic devices created especially for casino purposes. These machines are aimed to save time, make the shuffling perfect, and avoid human factor during the games.

Shuffling Algorithms in Online Gambling

Generating a perfect shuffle requires that a computer has random numbers generator. In computing, sorting is seen as the opposite of shuffling.This method is well implemented in This fact can be used for establishment advantage in online gambling. That is why special auditors must confirm the randomness of that or another online casino to understand how they manage their business. The auditors analyze the reports to understand the activities of the casino system and ensure that players can experience fair play.

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